Specific Expertise

 Water Resources Management

 Flood Protection

 Waste Management

 Building Construction, esp. of
 Environmental Infrastructure,
 Hospitals, Roads, Bridges

Basic Planning

  • Multi-Criteria and / or Cost-Benefit Analyses of Project Alternatives
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Project Management and Organisational Consultancy
  • Client / Developer Decision Support


  • Optimisation of Project Alternatives
  • Application of Integrated Planning and Evaluation Systems
  • Implementation of Cost Comparisons, Cost-Effectiveness, Cost-Benefit Analyses

Approval Planning

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Project Optimisation
  • Approval Procedure Management / Bargaining with Authorities

Construction Planning

  • Health & Safety Co-ordination in the Planning Stage,
  • also: H&S Procedures Planning for Works on Contaminated Sites
  • Specification of Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

Preparation of Tender Documents / Contracting

  • Management Support
  • Definition of Minimum Requirements (esp. H&S Measures / Technology)
  • Specification Writing (H&S)
  • Evaluation of Offers / Decision Support for Contracting

Construction Supervision

  • Health & Safety Executive Work On-Site (also on Contaminated Sites)
  • Client Support: Controlling of Project Implementation

Facility Management

  • Investor Consultancy and Decision Support for O&M efficiency
  • O&M Health & Safety Management Planning

Specialised know how with analysing and applying computer software may also separately be applied to specifying, developing, and applying computer-aided:

  • Cost-Control Systems, Cost-Benefit Analyses

  • Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  • Project Management Tools

  • Controlling of Construction Works

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